Clothing Company shamed For Using Petite Women To Model Plus-Size Tights

In recent years, the internet has made it a habit to take up causes that are perceived to break societal/political standards. Social media loves nothing more than to shame those who might do things against inclusivity even when they might not even mean to/realize they are doing so.

One of the most popular causes people seem to get behind nowadays is beauty standards, particularly those in the modeling/fashion industry.
For example, Ashley Graham has become one of the most popular models in the world thanks to her curvy figure and overwhelming good looks. Years ago, Graham simply would not have gotten the chance to have the success she’s achieved, which means progress is being made.
Graham looks nothing like the stereotypical swimsuit model yet has been featured several times by Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and countless others brands/companies.

Anytime a company slips up even in the slightest manner, you better bet your bottom dollar that internet vultures — warranted or not — will ultimately do anything and everything in their power to make them pay for their mistake.
Although not all companies deserve to be dragged, others truly, truly do.
Models Recently. fashion retailer inexplicably used petite women to model a number of plus-size tights lines. Naturally, this absolutely infuriated many who just literally can’t even.
Models Via The Sun:

In one picture, a woman pulls a pair of black tights all the way over her entire body.
People have called out the online store’s adverts on social media, with one person tweeting: “Bad day for Wish, who thought it was a good idea to promote plus-size tights using thin models putting their entire bodies in them to show how massive they are.”
Another pointed out how ridiculous the ads were, tweeting: “How Wish advertise tights for plus size women hahahaha,” while one tweeted sarcastically: “This seems fine.”
And one asked: “Why couldn’t they just use plus sized models? You know what, nevermind.”

“This is honestly so rude. Like just hire plus-size models to wear tights….. don’t make a mockery of the size of the tights by putting a skinny model in them and having them put It around their entire body,” wrote another perplexed person, while another simply typed: “Fire the whole team.”
Models Perhaps one day we will be rid of beauty standards and those that continue to adhere to them.