61-Year-Old Colombian Woman Wants to Wins The World's Longest Nails — See Pics!

Rosa Margarita Marulanda, 61, lives with one goal in mind: to become the first Hispanic to hold the Guinness World Record for having the longest nails.
Seven years ago, the native of Colombia’s capital city Medellín made the decision to grow her fingernails, which are currently about four inches long, to the point of not being able to use them to complete household chores, or button pants. The last time she cut her nails was in March of 2010.
“I am proud of my nails,” Marulanda said to Spanish-language newspaper El Colombiano. “I know that they are the longest in Antioquia. I hope to be able to take care of them enough to fulfill my goal. The day that I cut them again, I want them to be displayed at a museum.”

Her fiancé Francisco Gómez Tenorio supports her project, even tapping his skills as an artist to paint her nails with creative and colorful designs. He also has no problem taking over household duties to help his partner achieve her Guinness Book of World Records dream.Her lengthy nails have made her a celebrity in Colombia. “On the bus, in the Metro, when I go to the park or even in Medellín when people see me, they stop me to take pictures with me,” Marulanda told the publication.
Houston-based Ayanna Williams, whose ten nails measure 18 feet and 10.9 inches long combined, holds the title for longest nails on female hands in the 2018 Guinness Book of World Records.