Kate Hudson Posted Her Sister-in-Law’s Pizza ‘Recipe’ Online

Kate Hudson shared a rare food photo to her Instagram on Monday, August 7. But it wasn’t a shot of her famous three-ingredient “Naked Chicken.” Instead, she re-posted her sister-in-law Erinn Bartlett’s dinner fail.

“I was inspired by my mom friends posting all their yummy healthy recipes. So here it is . . . you’re welcome,” wrote the 38-year-old actress, beside a photo of what appears to be a giant baked good. 

Here are the directions as outlined by Erinn:
First take the pizza out of the box
Set the oven to 375
Place the pizza in the oven
DO NOT set the timer
Sip your wine
Recommended cooking time is 12 to 14 minutes
I say wait a good hour to get this perfect deep dark brown color
Or wait until your hungry kids come and ask when the pizza will be ready . . .
Drink more wine.
Since Hudson shared Bartlett’s “#momfail” it has been liked more than 128,000 times. “I thought that was a chocolate chip cookie!” wrote one person. Added another: “I thought this was a delicious brownie.” Many chimed in that they were guilty of doing the very same thing.
Though Hudson has said she can’t resist a Hawaiian pizza (tomato sauce, cheese, pineapple and Canadian bacon or ham) she mostly sticks to a plant-based diet. As she told Self in March 2016, “I don’t remember the last time I had a steak.”