Man Allegedly Molested 18-Year-old Girl As She Lay Dying and He Texted Co-Workers Photos: 'LOL I Think She OD'd'

A Washington State man allegedly raped an 18-year-old as she lay dying from a drug overdose and sent partially-nude photos of her to a group text.

The 19-year-old man boasted about having sex with Mariner High School student Alyssa Mae Nocedato to his co-workers at Dairy Queen, where he then worked a double shift before returning home to stuff her body into a crate with plans to bury it, police allege in documents obtained by IPRESSTV.

After she died, the man used the Nocedato’s fingerprint to access her locked cell phone and posted a message on her personal SnapChat account to suggest she had run away, “which he knew the female had history of,” according to a probable cause affidavit in the case.

“She died having sex with me,” Brian Roberto Varela, of Lynnwood, told to a co-worker at a local Dairy Queen, where he worked Sunday after he says he awoke at his home alongside the victim’s body following a party the previous night, the document states.

Varela, who has not yet entered a plea, was arrested Tuesday and is being held in Snohomish County jail after his arrest for rape, manslaughter and homicide by controlled substance, according to jail records. Each of the three charges carries a $500,000 bond.

Alyssa Noceda

Jail records do not indicate if an attorney has been appointed to represent him or speak on his behalf.

After Varela shared parts of his story with co-workers, one of them alerted a girlfriend, who went online and matched the alleged victim with a Facebook post from a mother seeking help to locate her missing daughter.

The co-worker and the co-worker’s girlfriend then reported the death to police in Everett, Washington, who went to Varela’s home and found the victim’s body in a plastic crate in Varela’s bedroom.

At the party, Varela said Nocedato, The Daily Herald reports, snorted a line of crushed Percocet pills before she ingested a “dab” of liquid THC – liquid marijuana – that Varela provided and shared with her at a Feb. 3 party, police say.

He says she passed out on his bed within 30 to 60 seconds.

“LOL I think she OD’d, still breathing, I’m smashing her to pass the time,” Varela then allegedly wrote in a group text to three of his co-workers. He also shared two photos of the victim, nude except for a pair of white Calvin Klein undergarment briefs, “on her back with swollen purple/blue lips clearly unconscious,” the probable cause affidavit states.

One of Varela’s co-workers told police the term “meant that Brian Varela was having sex with the female.”

Varela’s mother told police that she had recently “kicked out” her son because of his drug use and “gangster lifestyle,” according to the affidavit. Varela had then moved in with a neighbor who hosted the Feb. 3 party, and who, after Varela told him the next day that Noceda had overdosed, advised him to call 911, police say.

Instead, Varela went to work.

As Varela allegedly talked further with a co-worker about the incident, he said that because he’d had intercourse with the victim, it could appear he had “raped” the victim. He told the co-worker, “I don’t know if she was alive or dead” during the sex, the affidavit states.

Brian Varela

He told his friend that he thought the victim still was breathing and he wanted to take her to the emergency room, but that he was too tired and chose instead to go to sleep, the document states.

According to police, Varela said he created the misleading SnapChat post on the victim’s phone because he, too, had gone online and seen the Facebook post from the victim’s mother announcing that she was missing. Afterward, he tossed the victim’s phone into a construction zone behind the Dairy Queen, according to the affidavit.

Varela allegedly told his co-worker that he had to break the victim’s legs and “bleed her out” in order to stuff the deceased into a crate prior to taking it to a “hole” that he had identified in Marysville and where he planned to dispose of the body.

Anna Clark, in the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office, tells IPRESSTV that a court hearing for Varela is not yet scheduled.

Is Consuming Bird’s Nest good for you?

No, the nest discussed in this article is not the kind that’s out of twigs and dried leaves. Rather, it’s a delicacy that is very popular in China and various other parts of Asia. While it’s true that the bird’s nest being talked about is in fact the dwelling of a bird, it’s something that is made from a shocking material. Read on to find out what!

Bird saliva — this is the material from which the edible kind of bird’s nest is made. There is only one type of bird that is capable of coming up with such a unique home, and it is a kind of swallow called swiftlet.
Unlike any other bird that creates its nest on tree branches, a swiftlet chooses to whip up its residence on flat surfaces such as the walls of caves and cliffs. For such task, it’s virtually impossible for the said bird to create a nest out of twigs and dried leaves that it can gather. So what a swiftlet does is use its very own saliva.
When exposed to air, the saliva of a swiftlet hardens and turns white. It sticks very well onto surfaces, allowing it to create a home where no other bird dare build one.
This results in a truly unique-looking nest that is white and gummy. But making it even more unlike a typical bird’s nest is this: it’s actually fit for human consumption. So much so that it is regarded as a delicacy in many places!
In China, there is a kind of soup that doesn’t come cheap, and it’s called bird’s nest soup. And you guessed it right — the main ingredient is the edible nest created by a swiftlet using its own saliva. It is said that a small serving of this incredibly unique yet highly revered soup could cost hundreds of dollars!
Is this soup delectable even if it contains the dried saliva of a tiny flying creature? The truth is bird’s nest doesn’t have a taste. In order for the soup that it is turned into palatable, the ones who cook them have to use seasonings.
So why does a tasteless ingredient make for a super expensive soup?
One of the reasons for the very steep cost of bird’s nest soup is the fact that harvesting bird’s nest is not an easy job. As mentioned earlier, a swiftlet prefers to make its nest on the walls of cliffs and caves, and this can easily endanger the lives of those who are gathering its masterpiece of a house.
The high demand for bird’s nest is another reason why a bowl of bird’s nest soup could cost a fortune. You see, in China and other parts of Asia, the edible nest created by a swiftlet is revered for its medicinal properties. It’s because of this why there is very high demand for it — the higher the demand, the steeper the price tag.
Are you eager to try an exotic treat and, more importantly, are you willing to shell out a huge sum of cash just for you to experience enjoying a serving of bird’s nest soup? It’s completely up to you to decide!
Proponents of the consumption of bird’s nest soup say that they get to enjoy the following perks:

Boosted immune system

Many of those who regard bird’s nest soup highly say that they enjoy lowered risk of infections such as the flu and common cold.

Strengthened muscles

It is said that bird’s nest contains protein that is very accessible to the body, making bird’s nest soup superb at building and strengthening muscles.

Improved stamina

Bird’s nest is thought to contain small amounts of hormones, and that’s why those who eat bird’s nest say that they get to enjoy superb staying power.
If you have already tried having a bowl of bird’s nest soup, feel free to share your experience with it in the comments section below!

Beyoncé would Have Been as famous if she were dark-skinned, Father of Beyonce, Mathew Knowles suggests

Mathew Knowles may have awakened the “Beyhive” when he proffered his personal belief that his daughter Beyoncé would most likely be less famous had she been born with darker skin than she has.
The Knowles patriarch and former manager of Destiny’s Child was discussing a variety of topics associated with the music business and race with Ebony magazine. He told the historic publication that pigmentation plays an important role in how a female artist is treated by the industry and fans.

“When it comes to Black females, who are the people who get their music played on pop radio? Mariah Carey, Rihanna, the female rapper Nicki Minaj, my kids (Beyoncé and Solange),” he said.
Knowles is currently promoting his book, Racism From The Eyes Of A Child. He boldly admitted he believed his ex-wife, Tina Knowles, was White when he first approached her. He also said that, in the early 1970s, his class was given a brown-paper-bag test that, if they failed, would disqualify them from getting into Fisk University.
His statement about Beyoncé is probably not going to go over well with fans and pundits alike, especially when you think of the Anita Bakers, Mary J. Bliges, Lil Kims, Lauryn Hills, Patti LaBelles, Amara La Negras (of “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” fame), Tracy Chapmans and other brown-skinned female artists who have experienced transcendent fame the past couple of decades.
What do you think about what Knowles had to say on the subject?

An Eighteen-Year-Old Girl Reduced Her Weight When Ex-Boyfriend Told Her She Is Fat

You’ll be stunned to peruse the account of Hayley Westoby, a 18-year-old young lady from Sydney, Australia. The high school young lady lessened wonderful 60kg weight. As a matter of fact, her ex who once called her fat and made some pernicious remarks on her overwhelming body from that point forward the Australian young lady hitting the gym.

The 18-year-old Australian girl

The 18-year-old Australian young lady ex requesting that her shed some weight. She was 119kg at that point, this made Hayley Westoby cognizant about herself.

She frantically needed to lose weight

She frantically needed to get in shape, not on the grounds that her then beau called her fat but rather she herself needed to accomplish a conditioned body. At long last, she chose to decrease no less than 5kg.
She quit all her most loved gooey sustenance. Particularly she quit liquor that was surely the hardest thing for her rather she built up a propensity for pop and lime.

Consequently, the 18-year-old girl

Consequently, the 18-year-old young lady was upbeat as her endeavors paid off soon and she accomplished her objective of lessening 5kg just in a month. This supported her in particular and she chose to decrease another 5kg. Also, this is the manner by which she finally lessened 60kg.

Today the 18-year-old is one of the fittest

Today the 18-year-old is one of the fittest and most well known Instagrammer. She never felt embarrassed about her story even she post her at that point and now pictures with some persuading inscriptions like, ‘Don’t be embarrassed about your story, it will motivate others someday’

Neither then nor now, she never let herself

Neither then nor now, she never let herself felt lesser than others. She says, ‘Wherever you are in existence with whatever you’re doing – you will be before a few people and behind others.

Now she is extremely devoted to her regular

Now she is extremely devoted to her customary exercise sessions. She gets up 5:30 each morning to exercise. She gladly presents her photos on support others too.

The Australian young lady has an extremely positive

The Australian young lady has an extremely uplifting point of view toward her new way of life. She expresses that she felt extremely undesirable however since she has decreased astounding 60kg she feels stunning. She is an awesome wellspring of inspiration for others too.

Hayley, trust that you can without much of a stretch beat

Hayley, trust that you can without much of a stretch beat your negative behavior patterns all that you require is to remain decided. She never contrasted herself with others. As indicated by Hayley, on the off chance that anybody needs to dispose of their fat they simply need to comprehend their own particular qualities and shortcomings, likewise, don’t look yourself from others viewpoint rather contrast yourself and your own self.

So this is the way the 18-year-old

So this is the way the 18-year-old Australian young lady figured out how to diminish 60kg on the grounds that her ex body disgraced her.

Recommended Exercises for management of Tinnitus

Having some peace and quiet is virtually impossible if you are suffering from tinnitus. Actually, that ringing or buzzing sound in one or both of your ears is not a disease. Rather, it is a symptom of an underlying problem. So in other words, dealing with the cause is the way to make tinnitus go away.
Unfortunately, doctors say that up to 25% of all tinnitus cases are the permanent kind.
If you are one of those people whose tinnitus simply won’t go away, there are various medications and therapies around that are known to help in effectively putting tinnitus under control. Gadgets for masking it also come aplenty, from cell phone apps to white noise machines, and they can come handy at night.
Then you may also try a few exercises that are said to be beneficial for anyone who has tinnitus. Try performing these exercises recommended by the experts and see which ones of them are very good at providing relief:

Deep Breathing

Yes, deep breathing that is commonly recommended for people who are experiencing stress, anxiety and panic attacks can also be very helpful for anyone who is pestered by tinnitus.
Performing deep breathing for tinnitus relief is rather easy. All you have to do is inhale through your nose for 4 seconds. Hold your breath for 4 seconds. Afterwards, exhale through your mouth for 4 seconds. You have to do a total of 20 cycles, and then breathe as you would. If needed, do another cycle after a couple of minutes.

Muscle Relaxation

This exercise for managing tinnitus can be done while you are sitting or lying down, but it’s a good idea to perform it while you are at rest and the room is quiet because it requires a lot of concentration.
All you have to do is focus on a small group of muscles in one area of your body. Inhale and tighten those muscles for 5 to 8 seconds. And then as you exhale, loosen those muscles. This exercise has to be done progressively, which means you have to start from the muscles in your feet until you reach the muscles in your head.

Neck Loosening

Experts say that allowing the cervical part of the spine to relax can help in keeping tinnitus to a minimum. Three to five times a day, try to perform the exercise given below.
While sitting up straight, lower your chin to your chest. Interlock your fingers at the back of your head. Try to push your head back while your hands are applying a mild opposing force. Take note that you should refrain from overexerting yourself to prevent hurting your neck.

Head Tilting

This is one more exercise that you may perform three to five times every single day for reducing the impact tinnitus has on your life, and below you will learn how to do it.
Sit up straight and open your mouth as widely as you can. Once opened wide, relax your jaw muscles. Slowly and carefully, tilt your head back until you are staring straight at the ceiling. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale completely through your mouth. Go back to the starting position and repeat.
After trying out some of the above exercises for a few days, do come back to this site and share in the comments section below which of them prove to be very beneficial for someone like you who suffers from tinnitus.
Do you have family members and friends who are bugged by tinnitus? Then kindly repost this article on your various social media sites to let them know that carrying out a few simple exercises can help them attain relief!

There Is A secret message SpaceX sent to space aboard the cosmic Tesla and Elon Musk just revealed it

Elon Musk is always one for a nice surprise. 

Just after SpaceX launched the first flight of its Falcon Heavy rocket on Tuesday, lofting a red Tesla Roadster to deep space, Musk revealed a little secret hidden within the cosmic car. 
Musk posted a photo on Instagram displaying a message for any space-faring civilization that may come across the car in the future. The words "made on Earth by humans" are printed on the Tesla's circuit board.
The Tesla also comes equipped with a dashboard message reading "don't panic," and a dummy driver named "Starman" who will fly through the solar system in the Tesla for millions, if not billions, of years to come. 

This is far from the first time humans have sent a signpost of our existence out into the universe. 
NASA's two Voyager spacecraft are each carrying a Golden Record, which includes the sounds of Earth as well as a map that explains where we are in space. 
Basically, Starman is in good company. 
The Falcon Heavy — SpaceX's most powerful rocket ever — took flight at 3:45 p.m. ET from Kennedy Space Center. 
The huge rocket is basically three Falcon 9 rockets strapped together and can bring heavy payloads to distant parts of space like the moon or Mars. 
The key to the Falcon Heavy's success will be its reusability. SpaceX hopes to bring back the rocket's three first-stage boosters to Earth after launch, meaning they can use them again for later flights. 
The two side boosters made it back to the landing zones at Kennedy, but SpaceX has yet to reveal the fate of the third booster, which was expected to land on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean.

Amazon Wants to Launch Its Own Delivery Service and This is Why

Amazon looks to be gearing up for another fight. The Wall Street Journal reports the company is preparing a delivery service for businesses, which would compete directly with UPS, FedEx and (less directly) with the U.S. Postal Service.
“Shipping with Amazon,” as the service is called, will pick up packages from businesses, initially the company’s third party sellers, and deliver them to customers. Deliveries are reportedly set to begin in Los Angeles in the coming weeks and expand from there. News of the service sent shares of UPS and FedEx lower in early trading Friday.
Amazon has a long-standing partnership with UPS, which handles much of its Amazon Prime deliveries. That relationship is not likely to disappear in the short term, but the longer-term view is a lot fuzzier.
Amazon officials didn’t directly address the report when asked for comment by Fortune, but did say, “We’re always innovating and experimenting on behalf of customers and the businesses that sell and grow on Amazon to create faster lower-cost delivery choices.”

The new venture, though, is likely driven by a few factors:

Expanded Amazon Prime membership and benefits

Amazon has a pretty good handle on delivery times for items sent from its own warehouses, but when a customer orders from a third party, their Prime membership (which offers free two-day shipping on select items) is fairly useless. By handling deliveries themselves, Amazon can theoretically speed up delivery times—and drive more people to buy Prime memberships.
Worst case, it can track deliveries on its own and not be caught in the middle when customers say they never received what they ordered.

Increases self reliance

Amazon is an ecosphere unto itself. Jeff Bezos and company like to have a hand in all aspects of the sales process. Right now, one of the most crucial parts, logistics, is out of its control. By bringing delivery in-house for third-party partners (and, presumably, for first-party goods at some point), it doesn’t have to worry about partner service interruptions and how packages are handled.
You don’t need to look further than the recent holiday season, when Amazon faced delays, to see why it would want to explore alternatives.

Cost cutting and profit making

Amazon currently records big losses on shipping. Last year, the company spent as much as $20 billion ensuring its products made it to customers. By taking some (or all) of that in-house, Amazon could conceivably better control those costs, especially if drone delivery becomes as widespread as the company hopes it will.
Beyond that, though, there’s a lot of money to be made in the shipping industry. UPS, in its most recent quarter, reported revenues of $18.83 billion. If Amazon could get even a piece of that pie, it would be a big boost to its bottom line.

Seems Rihanna Just Is Teasing New Fenty Beauty Eyeshadow and Lipstick

Every beauty product Rihanna touches turns to gold—or at least sells out, fast. Since its launch in September 2017, Fenty Beauty has been dominating the makeup industry with every launch generating more excitement than the last. In late December, Rih blessed us all with her 14-shade Mattemoiselle lipstick range. Now, it looks like her next drop may involve even more lipstick and colorful eyeshadow.

As first noted by Allure, makeup artist Priscilla Ono gave exact details about Rihanna's first beauty look worn at the Grammys, but not her second which featured metallic bronze lipstick and violet eyeshadow. She simply wrote, "Full performance makeup by #FentyBeauty." Even in a press release sent to us about products used on Rihanna, Ono detailed all the goods used except the vibrant hues on her lids and lips. Fans definitely took notice too.
"What is that purple?!" user @tinamattiartistry commented. "Can't wait for that eyeshadow to drop... 👀," @larrieeee wrote. "What eyeshadow and lipstick 👀👀💄👁," @endlessbeauty.xo asked.
Fenty Beauty dropped an eyeshadow palette as part of its limited-edition holiday collection. But, it doesn't have any part of its permanent offerings. Likewise with the lipstick—there are matte lipsticks, Fenty Stunna Lip Paint, and some glittery lipsticks from the holiday drop, but nothing with a metallic finish yet.
Rihanna has been known to tease new products coming by wearing them a few weeks or days before dropping. She posted this paparazzi shot of herself in Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint on October 20, then announced its launch on November 9.
Before announcing Mattemoiselle's launch on December 12, she posted this selfie wearing one of the lipsticks on December 8.
Needless to say, keep close tabs on Rihanna's feed...something big is probably coming.

BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL: People Cannot Tell If This Fenty Model Is Real Or Fake. CAN YOU?

We've become so accustomed to filters and false realities on Instagram that it can become difficult to tell what's even real anymore. We'd like to think we still have a firm grip on reality, but an Instagram model named Shudu has just thrown our entire universe for a loop.
Shudu is an Instagram model with flawless dark skin. Her feed is scattered with various editorial images accompanied by #melanin hashtags. She even was reposted on Fenty Beauty's Instagram account, wearing the lipstick shade Saw-C. Her beauty is so striking and unfathomably perfect that you almost don't want to believe it's real. The thing is, it's not—she's 100 percent CGI.

"Basically Shudu is my creation, she’s my art piece that I am working on at moment," London-based photographer Cameron-James Wilson told "She is not a real model unfortunately, but she represents a lot of the real models of today. There’s a big kind of movement with dark skin models, so she represents them and is inspired by them."
Wilson was hesitant to confirm or deny Shudu's existence when we spoke with him on the phone this morning. After all, half the fun of creating art this life-like is to make the viewer reconsider their definition of reality. Her intent is not to fool or trick anyone, he says, but rather to be a beacon of inspiring beauty and creativity.
"I use a 3D modeling program. It’s like virtual photography, so once I create her, I can kind of pose her in certain ways," Wilson explained. "I am a photographer anyway, so it’s just a way of exploring my creativity when I’m not shooting." A single image, like the one seen on Fenty's Instagram, takes several days to create.
Shudu's striking beauty was actually inspired by a Barbie doll, called Princess of South Africa. "Obviously some models like Duckie were definitely big inspirations for her as well," revealed the photographer, who has also shot models like Gigi Hadid and Devon Windsor. It's worth noting that Fenty Beauty, who worked with Duckie on the brand's launch, only reposted the image of Shudu. We reached out for comment about whether or not they know about the model's computer-generated image.
The technology is undeniably cool, but does Wilson feel any heat for creating a black model versus just shooting with a real one? "As a photographer, I work with lots of different people all the time, real people that have inspired her. At the end of the day, it's a way for me to express my creativity—it’s not trying to replace anyone. It's only trying to add to the kind of movement that's out there," he clarified. "It's meant to be beautiful art which empowers people. It’s not trying to take away an opportunity from anyone or replace anyone. She’s trying to complement those people."
Only a handful of people have turned his work into something negative, while most understand his intention, he said. "I am just a creative person, and to me she is what the most beautiful woman in the world would look like."
Shudu isn't the only computer-generated model on Instagram. Miquela, known as @LilMiquela, has 560,000+ followers who follow along as she models new clothes, takes selfies, and sells merch.
In an era where Facetuning and digitally-altered photos are the norm across social platforms, Wilson said he's simply bringing fantasy to reality.
"We live in such a filtered world now, where real is becoming fake. I wanted to create something that is fantasy toward becoming more real, and bringing it completely the other way."

EXTREME BEAUTY: Toya Wright Flaunts natural hairstyle while heavily pregnant

Reality TV star Toya Wright has decided to stunt with her natural hair in the latter stages of her pregnancy with the daughter she has named Reignbeaux, which should be ending any day now.

The author and entrepreneur is having the child with boyfriend, Robert “Red” Rushing. In the video clip on Instagram, Wright intimates that she loves flossing with her colorful and beautiful wigs. But this time she wanted to go natural. No gimmicks, no help, and no extensions — and to floss just how long her real hair has gotten and how healthy it appears.
Toya used the caption to talk about the routine she has been doing to help her grow her luscious locks.
Reginae Carter’s mom wrote: “My real hair is growing so healthy and strong, and I love it! I Found my favorite @hairfinity products at @cvspharmacy I don’t have to wait to order them anymore!… #cvs #hfinfiniteresults #hairfinity.”
One fan said she looked stunning and she carries the pregnancy well.
The person added: “Love the chubby face! Beautiful, mama! Wow, why is it so hard to believe it’s her hair? People act like it’s impossible for Black women to have healthy, thick, long hair. Why would @toyawright lie about her hair for a check? She’s shown her real hair plenty of times. People talking bout they need proof, proof of what and for what?”
A doubter confessed: “I saw her hair in a video she posted the other day it’s healthy as hell, but didn’t look like this. You already have your twin Get ready for the storm of Reign looking just like daddy. Soooo pretty you wore your pregnancy well Ur daughter looks just like u ur hair is beautiful. Ms.Toya did you and the baby father I’m wishing you’ll are having a gorgeous baby girl. I would like to send me a beautiful picture. Just like her adorable mom.”
Another person had the following say about her pregnancy glow: “How u have a grown baby’ bout to have a new baby and look like a lil cute baby face yourself’ pregnancy look sweet on you. Simply beautiful. The weather predicted Reign!!!! Tonight is the night. Love ya girl. Still praying for all safe delivery and healthy baby.”

LOL, FUNNIEST THIEF EVER: This Man steals car, then calls owner for help starting it - according to police report

A Minnesota man has been arrested after allegedly stealing a car from a Walmart parking lot, then calling the owner less than two hours later for help starting the vehicle.

Edward Leroy Wilson, 37, is suspected of sneaking into the car after its owner turned it on remotely from within the Sartell, Minn., store, the St. Cloud Times reported
The woman who owns the vehicle apparently wanted to warm it up Monday night in frigid evening temperatures, but by the time she went to the parking lot, the car was gone.
Police say Wilson had driven the vehicle more than an hour away, but ran into trouble restarting the car after he had parked it.
About 10:30 p.m. -- less than two hours after surveillance images showed the car leaving the lot --  the owner received a call from a woman who told her that a man was asking questions about the vehicle, the St. Cloud Times reported.
Wilson, who gave a fake name, then spoke to the owner directly, and asked if she could find someone to start the car for him, police said.
Officers responding to a suspicious person call identified Wilson and the stolen vehicle during Wilson's conversation with the owner, according to local reports, and took Wilson into custody.
He reportedly admitted to the crime and told officers "he knew it was not a good idea to get the vehicle," according to a criminal complaint filed against him.

CLAP FOR THIS HERO: middle school student drives school bus to safety after driver Suffers a medical emergency

A Texas middle school student sprang into action and guided a school bus to safety last week after he noticed the driver was suffering a medical emergency.

Six students from La Grange Middle School were on the yellow bus on Thursday when the driver began driving erratically. Karson Vega said that he noticed something was wrong just minutes into the ride home.

“He missed a turn and went into a ditch. Then he had to back up, that's when I started thinking... Then he started making circles and stuff. He was going off into a ditch on almost every turn,” the 13-year-old said.

Karson quickly jumped in and called 911 for help. Kyler Buzcek, a sophomore student at a school, stepped in and helped Karson calm the other students on the bus.

“I went and got the little kids. I told them to go to the back because they were sitting there crying and stuff. Then I told the other kid to hang on to them,” Karson recalled.

Karson turned on the bus flashers, jumped into the driver’s lap and drove the bus two miles on Highway 71 to a stop near a bridge above a Colorado River, according to FOX7. Meanwhile, Kyler stayed on the phone with police through the ordeal.

“[The bus driver] wouldn’t take his feet off so I kicked them over a little,” Karson said.

Karson’s mother, Amber Vega, said she was proud of her son for remaining calm throughout the incident. She added that it gives her “goosebumps” to think the students could have been hurt if her son didn’t think quickly at the moment.

“We would've all died. Because he was swerving off pretty much into the river and off that hill, too,” Karson said.

The driver was taken to the hospital and is expected to be OK, IPRESSTV reported. It’s unclear what type of medical emergency he was experiencing.

Karson said he usually doesn’t ride the bus home, but his mother couldn’t pick him up that Thursday.

“There was a reason,” his mother said, “he was on that bus that day.”