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Thursday, 22 June 2017

How To Save Beyond $250 Monthly Using These 25 Methods That Most Business Owners Are Ignoring

I get it -- money is tight. So, how does saving $250 a month sound? There are tons of ways business owners can save hundreds of dollars (or more) each month. Sadly, most people, including business owners, don't make the effort to implement huge-but-easily accomplished savings. 
How To Save Beyond $250 Monthly Using These 25 Methods That Most Business Owners Are Ignoring

This post will list 25 easy ways you can start saving $250 per month right now. While not all of these tips will save you hundreds of dollars in one shot, combining two or three of them definitely will. 

1. Ditch the landline.

If you have a single-line system for your business, your costs likely start around $50/month. If you have multiple lines, you're probably paying at least double that.
Scrap the landline and let your cell phones do double duty. Bonus: You can write off your business-associated phone costs, saving you even more money.

2. Share advertising costs with another business owner.

Cut your advertising costs in half by teaming up with the owner of a complementary business. This works especially well for co-sponsoring local or online events.
Another cost-saving option is to ask other business owners if they want to advertise via your website or social media. This can actually be a great bonus revenue stream!

3. Create your own forms rather than paying for them.

The vast majority of business forms you need (invoice, order forms, non-disclosure agreements, partnership contracts, etc. ) can be found online for free. Heck, it's what my company does and we don't charge anything.

4. Buy second-hand equipment and furniture.

Why pay $500 for a new desk when you could get a gently-used one on Craigslist for $100? Same goes for printers, computers and other electronics.
Another great option is buying refurbished electronics from reputable electronics dealers.

5. Negotiate a cheaper credit card rate.

Paying credit card fees is one of the worst ways to spend your money. Look around to see what competing card companies are charging, and then try to negotiate a lower rate with your current card company.

6. Raise your insurance deductible.

Take a look at how many times you've made a claim over the past few years. If you seldom make claims, consider raising your deductible to save on monthly premiums. Even moving from a $250 deductible to $500 can make a decent dent in your monthly insurance costs.

7. Outsource rather than hiring.

While the hourly cost of outsourcing may end up being equivalent (or even slightly higher) to hiring someone, you'll save big in terms of pensions and benefits. Why not save that extra money, or use it to pay a highly-qualified consultant who could likely do a better job in less time? I've also found a full time programmer by first outsourcing.

8. Check the accuracy of your mailing list.

If you do large-scale mailings, you could be wasting a ton of money if your address list is outdated or inaccurate. The US Postal Services offers a number of free and low-cost services to check your list before you mail.

9. Get your family to help out.

Instead of hiring outside help for administrative tasks like filing and bookkeeping, hire an immediate family member. You still get to claim the business expense. You keep the money in the family, and your lower income-earning. Family members won't have to pay much tax on their earnings, either.

10. Always pay early to get the discount.

Take advantage of early payment discounts whenever possible. This can be particularly lucrative if a supplier is offering 2/10 net 30 (meaning 2 percent discount if paid within 10 days). This works out to an almost 37% return when annualized.

11. Barter.

You'd be surprised at how many businesses are willing to barter goods and services. I find this is particularly true when it comes to advertising. If money is tight, offer your products or services in exchange for a free ad, mention or online sponsorship.

12. Go as paperless as possible.

Skip the paper and ink and use email whenever possible. There are tons of free apps that can help you make the transition: CamScannerEvernote and are just a few.

13. Share office space (or go without).

Many companies are saving hundreds or thousands a month by going virtual, sharing office space or renting temporary meeting rooms. Use a site like ShareDesk to find local office space you can book on an as-needed basis. I personally use coworking space Bootup. It helps me to cut costs.

14. Try your hand at free PR.

Hiring a PR consultant can cost big bucks. Instead, use a service like Help a Reporter to get free PR. This service lets you respond to daily, emailed queries. These queries can land you in big-name publications like Time, The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times.

15. Hire an intern.

Instead of hiring or outsourcing, consider an intern from a local college or university. While this can be a very labor-intensive process (finding, training, reporting, etc.), it can save you money in the long-run.

16. Outsource the tough tasks.

It seems counterintuitive, but by outsourcing tasks it actually frees you up to spend more time on revenue-generating activities. Some of these tasks might be blogging, social media management or office administration.

17. Stop using your credit cards.

Take it from someone who owns a company to accept credit card payments: don't underestimate how fast it can saddle your business with debt. According to ValuePenguin, the average rate for a business credit card in 2017 is over 15 percent. If you're tempted to carry a balance on your card, try switching to cash-only purchases.
Each month get pre-purchase gift cards for your necessities. This way you always know where you're financial standing is and can avoid racking up charges on credit.

18. Bring a bagged lunch.

Spending a few bucks a day eating out may not seem like a lot, but it adds up. According to Time, bringing your own lunch can save you up to $2,500 per year.

19. Move from traditional to online advertising.

Are you still using old-school advertising strategies like magazine or newspaper ads? Switch to digital advertising strategies. With social media, email and content marketing, you could save a ton of money each month. Plus, digital marketing tends to be much more effective.

20. Ask for a reduction in your phone or internet bills.

Your phone and internet bills are not set in stone. Investigate what others are charging, then call your provider and ask for a discount. Most phone companies will look for savings in your current plan, if you simply call and ask if there's a way to reduce your bill.

21. Use free tools whenever available.

In many cases, free tools can be just as effective as paid ones. Don't pay for a tool unless you KNOW you need it and you can't live without it!

22. Go open source for your ecommerce store.

Thinking of opening an e-commerce store? There are tons of great, free open source e-commerce platforms you can choose from.
This means no additional monthly fees for the privilege of selling your stuff! Look into BigCommerceZen CartWooCommerce or WP eCommerce.

23. Deduct your business-use-of home expenses.

If you run your business from home, claiming at-home business expenses can actually save you a ton of money over the year. Don't forget to claim the business portion of your mortgage or rent, phone/internet and even utilities.

24. Go without the extras.

We all have little "extras" we spend money on every day (I'm thinking specialty coffees, in-app purchases, bottled water, etc.). Cutting out $5-$10 of daily unnecessary luxuries and impulse buys can save you $150-$300/month.

25. Become a marketing DIY'er.

Hiring a marketer can cost you a lot more than $250/month. If you have the time and interest, consider teaching yourself how to do your own marketing.

Neuroscience Explains How to Hack Our Brains For Great Success

What’s the secret to success? Some would argue that insanely successful people possess traits like having a vision, showing gratitude, being honest, learning from failure and having a high emotional intelligence.
While these traits definitely play a role, the real secret to success comes down to science, particularly advancements in neuroscience, and how you can condition your brain to achieve your dreams and goals.
success, how to be success, how to make money, entrepreneur, business, howto,

The neuroscience of success can get complicated, but it’s really about how your brain functions in three different areas: reticular activating system (RAS), the release of dopamine and your memory. If you’re not a science person, I’ll try and make this all as painless as possible.

The Reticular Activating System

Located at the base of the brain where it connects with the spinal cord, there’s one of most important parts of the brain: the reticular activating system.
RAS influences cognition and is basically a filter for the roughly eight million bits of information (subconsciously) flowing through our brain. In other words, it eliminates the white noise. When a message gets past the RAS filter it enters the cerebrum and is then converted into conscious thoughts, emotions or even both.
As Ruben Gonzalez, author of The Courage to Succeedexplains, “Even though the cerebrum is the center of thought, it will not respond to a message unless the RAS allows it. The RAS is like Google. There are millions of websites out there, but you filter out the ones you are not interested in simply by typing a keyword.”
So, what messages get through? Pretty much just the ones that are currently important to you. For example, if you’re focused on preparing for a speaking engagement then your RAS is going to filter in the thoughts that are going to make your presentation a success, such as the tools and resources you’ll need to deliver a memorable speech.
As Gonzalez adds, “This means the more you keep your goals ‘top of mind,’ the more your subconscious mind will work to reach them. That’s why writing your goals down every day, visualizing your intended outcome and regularly saying affirmations is so important! Doing those things truly does help you to focus your subconscious mind on what’s important to you.”
Dopamine feedback loops
While RAS can help you focus on the desired outcome you’d like to receive, the release of dopamine is what makes success feel oh-so-good.
As Mark Lukens, founding partner of Method3, wrote recently, “When we succeed at something, our brains release chemical rewards, the most important of which is the neurotransmitter dopamine, a chemical best known for the role it plays in addiction and drug use.” Dopamine, despite this negative association, “is a natural part of how our brains function, producing the sensation of pleasure whenever you taste coffee or chocolate, or when you achieve a big win.”
Because of this, it makes sense that “dopamine is strongly connected to motivation, driving us to repeat the behaviors that create that rush, even when we aren’t experiencing it.” However, the dopamine response is short-term, but since our brains remember how awesome it was before, we strive to seek it out over and over again.
That’s when dopamine loops enter the picture. After you’ve experienced repeated success the pleasure you initially had gets smaller and smaller. Think of it this way: After you’ve already beaten a video game, it just doesn’t feel as good the second or third time, right? That’s when you seek bigger rewards, like unlocking trophies, new characters or swag when completing a level.
“Under the right circumstances, this can drive us to seek out ever-greater thrills,” adds Lukens. It’s why video game players are constantly engaged, it’s the reason why you check your phone every minute after updating your Facebook status, and it’s what motivates us in accomplishing bigger and better things.
For instance, if your goal was to acquire three new clients within two weeks, then your next goal would be to acquire six new clients in one week. Everything else is the same, except the more challenging, and rewarding, task of doubling your stable of clients. As an added perk, this also helps you weed out the work and goals that aren’t motivating you or your team.


Neuroscientists who have studied the way that the brain retrieves memories can also determine success.
Think about that for a second. That time you went mountain biking and had a nasty spill? That was a bad experience that might discourage you from mountain biking again, at least for the foreseeable future. The same is true with starting a business. It failed and now you are more hesitant about taking that risk again.
Scientists, however, found that we can edit those bad memories to remove the negative associations. In fact, this memory therapy is used to treat PTSD sufferers. You can also edit good memories to further propel you towards success.
To weaken bad memories, bring that memory back and then let it get smaller and dimmer, like you’re watching a small black-and-white TV fade out. Once there, insert new details that scramble the memory. For instance, think about the time you bombed while giving a speech or investor pitch. Now just imagine that your audience was dressed in something that made you laugh. Do that five or 10 times and that memory will make you chuckle.
As for strengthening your memories, recall the good memories as bright and loud as possible, like watching a movie in an IMAX theater. Keep adding how that experience made you feel for five or 10 times. You should now feel on-top-of-the-world. Use that to motivate you going forward.

Hacks to rewire your brain for success.

The good news is that you can actually rewire your brain to become more successful. In fact, according to neuroscientist Michael Merzenich, it takes just 30 hours of training based on specific neuroscience techniques to improve your memory and cognition, speech patterns and reading comprehension.
I know. That may sound like a lot. But, that’s just an hour a day for a month to achieve life-long success. I think that’s totally worth it. And, most of this training involves simple daily tasks, like:
  • Exercise and meditation. Exercising releases endorphins, which can help with problem solving and boost creativity. Meditation can help you achieve inner calm and break down any mental barriers or limitations.
  • Consume a diet rich in omega-3s and healthy fats. These can help keep dopamine levels in your brain active, as well as increase cerebral circulation.
  • Precision affirmations. “We’ve all heard of affirmations: repeating positive statements to ourselves in order to believe it,” writes John Assaraf, the CEO of NeuroGym. “While that may sound good in theory, there is often a severe lack of specificity that can hinder results.” Instead, “make a clear, definitive statement about yourself as if it is already true, your subconscious mind takes over and will act in accordance with that belief.” This “will imprint these beliefs into new neural pathways.”
  • Say your “Chief Aim” every morning and evening. Based on Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, “A definite chief aim is a specific, clearly-defined statement of purpose,” writes Dr. Julie Connor. “It has the power to guide your subconscious mind. It transforms your attitude from pessimism into positive expectation.” Write down your own “chief aim” and say it out loud every morning and evening. When I started my invoice company, I started every day by saying that I would become the best at this. Not quite there but getting there.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Make sure that you get between 6 1/2 and 8 hours of quality sleep every night so that you're more attentive and focused.
  • 15 minutes a day. Carve out 15 minutes of your day to learn something new or master a skill you already have. It will have a positive impact on your brain.
  • Remove yourself from negative and stressful environments. According to Robert Sapolsky, a neuroendocrinology professor at Stanford University, “stress can not only be stopped, but reversed once the source, psychological or physical, is removed or sufficiently reduced.” In other words, the physical environment around us plays a very important role in the health of our brains.
  • Visualization. “Visualization is a powerful tool to retrain your subconscious mind, because it allows you to feel and experience a situation which hasn’t happened yet -- as if it were real,” writes Assaraf. In short, “if you are able to genuinely ‘see’ yourself as financially successful in your mind, your subconscious will process that as reality.”

Monday, 19 June 2017

Evan Bass and Carly Waddell of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Are Married!

Bachelor in Paradise stars Evan Bass and Carly Waddell married in a romantic wedding celebration in Mexico on Saturday, June 17, according to multiple reports.

The couple, who met and fell in love on the ABC dating show and got engaged on the season 3 finale last summer, tied the knot in front of family and friends in a ceremony that is set to air on ABC later this year.

Evan Bass and Carly Waddell of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’  Are Married!

Their nuptials were originally meant to air during the new season of Bachelor in Paradise, but those plans were changed when production on the show was shut down last week after allegations of sexual misconduct between contestants Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson.

Bass wrote in an op-ed for The Hollywood Reporter on Saturday, June 17, that the controversy broke his heart, and begged ABC not to cancel the dating series.

The single dad of three sons, who lives in Nashville with Waddell, wrote that the show didn’t just guide him “to an incredible stepmother” for his children, it brought him “personal redemption.”

But the road to the altar wasn’t smooth for Bass and Waddell, who initially dumped the erectile dysfunction specialist before falling for his quirky charms.

“Carly and I sat on a beach for weeks talking,” Bass wrote on Saturday of how they got to know one another while filming the Bachelor spin-off. “At first I creeped her out, but because of the time allowed to just hang after she friend-zoned me, she came to realize that she not only liked my flavor of creepiness, but wanted to marry it as well!”

Bachelor executive producer and creator Mike Fleiss tweeted his congratulations to the newlyweds on Saturday, writing, “So happy for Carly and Evan!!!” Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert were among the Bachelor in Paradisestars reportedly in attendance at the wedding and Bachelorette alum Robby Hayes also tweeted his best wishes to the couple.

Amber Rose Reveals She Hasn’t Had Sex 6 Months Into 2017: ‘I Literally Have No Time for Penis’

Well, at least she’s being honest. Amber Rose took to Instagram to reveal that she hasn’t had sex this year.

The talk show host, 33, shared a meme on Thursday, June 15, with the line: “When it’s six months into 2017 and you still haven’t been f--ked yet.”

Amber Rose Reveals  She Hasn’t Had Sex 6 Months Into 2017: ‘I Literally Have No Time for Penis’

She elaborated in a caption, writing, “When the world thinks you have Orgies all day and mad dudes because ur sexually confident and body positive but really you’re a full-time mom/ businesswoman and literally have no time for penis #hoeislife tho.” 

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant split with boyfriend Val Chmerkovskiy in February, after dating for almost five months, and was most recently seen out with French Montana.

Rose, who shares son Sebastian, 4, with ex-fiancé Wiz Khalifa, caused a stir on social media last week when she shared an extremely NSFW photo of herself to promote her third annual SlutWalk in October.

In the photo, which was removed by Instagram as it violated the company’s no-nudity policy, showed Rose lounging on a staircase wearing only a black fur coat and a black bikini top. She was completely naked from the waist down, with her lady parts and pubic hair on full display.

But the model wasn’t particularly bothered by the censorship, posting a video that showed her rolling her eyes along with the caption, “When IG deletes ur fire ass feminist post but you really don’t give a f--k because everyone picked it up already.

Farrah Abraham Talks About Having More Kids

Despite recent rumors that she is expecting her second child, Farrah Abraham is in no rush to get pregnant again. "I’m on a show about safe contraception and not having unplanned pregnancies,” The Teen Mom OG star, 26, told IPRESSTV about an unplanned pregnancy. "I would never ever put myself in that situation for my future. I’ve really learned from my past."
Farrah Abraham Talks About Having More Kids

Still, the reality star isn’t ruling out giving her daughter Sophia, 8, a younger brother or sister. "Sophia has always asked for a sibling and you know, it was hard at first,” she tells IPRESSTV. "She was confused about her father’s loss. She wanted siblings and honestly, I’m just so blessed that everything is sorting out. She’s 8 years old now. We’re doing very well." 

Abraham added: "I hope that I find somebody under the right circumstances to start a family with.”  

 Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham DCC/

Recent pregnancy rumors surrounding the star were fueled on Wednesday, June 14, when her on-and-off boyfriend Simon Saran told Radar Online that Abraham was “26 and pregnant,” though it wasn’t clear if the real estate broker was joking.

Fans have been speculating that the tumultuous couple is back on after they shared photos and videos from a recent vacation, where they enjoyed a candlelit dinner to celebrate Abraham’s birthday. “We’re not together,” Abraham clarified to PRESSTV. “I think people just got confused by me celebrating my birthday also in Jamaica which, oh well, I had a romantic dinner! Bitches were jealous!”
Teen Mom OG airs on MTV Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

Matt Jordan Reacts To Ex Kenya Moore Secret Wedding: 'This Rocked Me'

Ouch! Kenya Moore's ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan took to Instagram over the weekend to react to the news of her secret wedding.

"As if the embarrassment from the show wasn't enough," Jordan captioned a throwback photo of himself and the Real Housewives of Atlanta star, who married a mystery businessman in St. Lucia last weekend. "The false aligations [sic] of domestic violence, the unwarranted restraining order, the loss of business opportunities, money. My personal & professional image. I can deal with that. losing my queen is a blow I never want to feel again."

 Matt Jordan Reacts To Ex Kenya Moore Secret Wedding: 'This Rocked Me'

"Find out she is married from stranger online," the personal trainer continued. "Realizing it's to someone she was seeing during your relationship....this is definitely the season of losses for ya boy. TKO!! I made alot of mistakes, but I loved & cherished her. I can't lie the news of this rocked me. I pray her heart is in good hands. Take care of her. She was everything to me." 

Jordan concluded post by asking fans to leave him alone. "The fight for her heart is over," he wrote. "I lost!! Peace.... #tko."

Moore and Jordan's oft-tumultuous on-off relationship was chronicled on season 8 of the Bravo reality series. Earlier this year, IPRESSTV confirmed that Moore was granted a temporary restraining order against Jordan after she accused him of calling her "up to 30 times a day between September and February, even after blocking his number."

Janet Jackson Flaunt Divorce Weight Loss at Divorce Court With Estranged Husband Wissam Al Mana

Revenge body alert! Janet Jackson showed off her slim post-baby figure as she headed to court on Thursday, June 15, to begin divorce proceedings with her estranged husband, Wissam Al Mana.
Janet Jackson Flaunt Divorce Weight Loss at Divorce Court With Estranged Husband Wissam Al Mana

The "Rhythm Nation" singer, 51, appeared to be in good spirits outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London. She flaunted her rumored 50-pound weight loss in a long, black cardigan, a white button-down shirt and black pants, wearing her hair in a topknot.  

Janet Jackson leaves the Royal Courts of Justice in London on June 15, 2017. BACKGRID

"Janet was in a great mood," an eyewitness told Entertainment Tonight, noting that Jackson spent approximately six hours inside the court. "She was happy and hugging and kissing her legal team as she left the courthouse. ... Janet had about seven people in her entourage, including her brother Randy, her assistant and her legal team."

The Qatari billionaire businessman, meanwhile, exited the courthouse without an entourage. He was dressed in all black and appeared somber.
Wissam Al Mana leaves the Royal Courts of Justice in London on June 15, 2017. BACKGRID

Jackson and Al Mana quietly married in 2012 and welcomed their son, Eissa, this past January. Three months after Eissa was born, IPRESSTV confirmed that the couple had split.

The five-time Grammy winner confirmed the breakup in a video message in May while announcing her State of the World Tour, which is scheduled to kick off in September.

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian Bought 'Sister' Puppies for Daughters Penelope Disick and North West

The Kardashian clan is growing! Kim and Kourtney Kardashian got adorable puppies for their daughters, North West and Penelope Disick.
Kourtney and Kim Kardashian Bought 'Sister' Puppies  for Daughters Penelope Disick and North West

Kim, who shares North, 4, with husband Kanye West, told her Snapchat followers on Friday, June 16, that she had yet to decide on a name for the adorable pup. "You guys, how cute is Northie's little puppy? What should we name you?" she asked in a video of herself kissing the fluffy dog.  

"You guys, this dog is so tiny," the Selfish author, 36, added in a second video. She later shared a cute photo of North and Penelope's dogs on Instagram, writing, "Sister puppies for North & P! Penelope named hers honey. What should we name ours?"
Kourtney, who shares Penelope with ex Scott Disick, also shared a picture of Honey on her Instagram. "Her name is honey," she captioned the post, in which the tan puppy is seen wearing a pink paper crown.

The Kardashian-Jenner family has had plenty of pets through the years. Last summer, Kim shared a full rundown of each animal on her website. "My fam has had SO many pets over the years, from dogs to rabbits and even a peacock named Peter Pan, LOL," she wrote. "The funniest thing is, I'm not the biggest animal person; sure, I love cute fluffy kittens but I don't die to constantly have a pet."

The social media mogul, who is also mom of son Saint, 18 months, added, "North, of course, is just getting to the age where she’s starting to ask for a puppy, but I’m trying to keep her happy with her fish tank for now!"

Michael Phelps Adorable Father's Day Photo Shows His Shirtless Body With Son Boomer

Michael Phelps has IPRESSTV swooning! The most decorated Olympian of all time showed off his shirtless body in an adorable photo with his son, Boomer, while celebrating Father's Day.
Michael Phelps Adorable Father's Day Photo Shows His Shirtless Body With Son Boomer

The picture, which was shared on Boomer's Instagram account, showcases Phelps' toned arms and six-pack abs as he holds Boomer, 13 months, in the kitchen. The hunky first-time dad looks adoringly at his son, who grins for the camera. "Daddy day!!!" Phelps captioned the post on Saturday, June 17. 

The former competitive swimmer, 31, later shared a cute photo of himself lounging on the couch with Boomer while watching the U.S. Open. "@boomerrphelps and I hanging out today watching some amazing golf!!" he wrote. 

A similar shot was shared on Boomer's account on Sunday. "I have the BEST dad ever!!" the toddler "wrote" alongside a snap of him playing video games with his dad. "I Love being able to sit and hang with him!! Even if it's when I'm beating him in some games!! #lookdadiwin #happyfathersday." 

The 23-time Olympic gold medalist shares Boomer with wife Nicole Johnson, whom he secretly married in June 2016 after dating on and off for eight years. "Nicole and I are so excited to be the best parents we can be," Phelps said during an Olympics press conference last summer. "Having the journey that I've gone through my whole life ... it will just be awesome just to be a part of [Boomer's] life every day and to see what I can help with or teach him. This is a new experience for me, and like I said, it's something Nicole and I are very, very excited about."

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Their Beach Bodies on Vacation in France

Fit and fabulous! Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez showed off their beach bodies during a romantic vacation to Antibes, France, on Thursday, June 15.
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Their Beach Bodies on Vacation in France

The "Ain't Your Mama" singer, 47, looked incredible in a cream-colored crochet monokini, which hugged her fit figure. She accessorized the look with a pair of aviator sunglasses and her signature hoop earrings. The former New York Yankees player, 41, bared his tanned, muscular physique in a pair of navy swim trunks. 

Jennifer Lopez One Shot / BACKGRID

Lopez was seen spraying herself with a bottle of tanning oil while Rodriguez lounged on a set of pillows and sent a text message on his smartphone. Later in the afternoon, Rodriguez hopped off the yacht and jumped into the water as a male friend snapped photos of the daredevil.
Alex Rodriguez One Shot / BACKGRID

Over the weekend, the couple stopped by the Louvre in Paris. A-Rod shared a sweet photo of his girlfriend looking at Leonardo da Vinci's famous Mona Lisapainting on his Instagram Story. J.Lo looked stunning in a Gucci dress and pulled her hair into a low ponytail. 

Jennifer Lopez One Shot / BACKGRID

Since they began dating earlier this year, Lopez and Rodriguez have traveled across the globe to places including New York, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. "She hasn't felt this way about anyone in a long time and [her family is] very excited for her," a source exclusively told IPRESSTV of the Shades of Blueactress' romance. 

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez One Shot / BACKGRID

Kevin Federline Discusses Co-Parenting With Britney Spears and Their Son’s Musical Talents

Keeping up with K-Fed! Kevin Federline talked about co-parenting with his ex-wife, Britney Spears, and their son’s musical talents in a new interview.

The father of six, who shares two boys, Sean Preston, 11, and Jayden James, 10, with Spears, opened up about his life nowadays in an interview with on Friday, June 16.

Kevin Federline Discusses Co-Parenting With Britney Spears and Their Son’s Musical Talents

The former backup dancer and rapper, 39, has two young daughters with wife Victoria Prince, and a son and daughter with ex-fiancée Shar Jackson, so his days can be pretty chaotic.

“Having six, it feels like you're trying to control a basketball team,” the part-time DJ and producer admitted. “But it’s worth it. All my kids are great; they get along. By the time you have six, you are so well-seasoned. I can probably change a diaper with one hand and feed a kid at the same time.”

Federline — who was married to Spears, 35, for two years until they split in 2006 and went through a bitter custody battle with his ex — now amicably shares custody of his sons with her. “It wasn’t always easy, but it’s a lot easier now,” he admits.

But sharing custody with a pop star who’s in the midst of a tour means that he didn’t get to spend Father’s Day with all his children.

“I’m used to not having all my kids, and this is gonna be one of those years,” he said. “When you are co-parenting, you have to be willing to give up some of the things you would really like to do. My boys will be gone, their mom’s off in Asia on tour … They are gone for the rest of the month.”

Federline, whose 2006 album, Playing With Fire, didn’t exactly generate much heat, revealed that Preston and Jayden are into music.

“Preston kind of knows how to DJ,” he told BravoTV. “He wants to learn more. I got him Ableton [music production app] on his laptop, so he kind of messes with that. He hasn't completely dived into it, and I don't want to force him. I want to make sure it’s something he really wants to do. He's really big into the EDM trap music scene. He’ll come to me, ‘Have you heard this?’ Looking for music for me to play.” the EDM trap music scene. He’ll come to me, ‘Have you heard this?’ Looking for music for me to play.”

Caitlyn Jenner Spotted Spending Father’s Day With Daughters Kylie and Kendall in Los Angeles

Caitlyn Jenner spent Father’s Day with her daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner in L.A. on Sunday, June 18.

The trio, along with Caitlyn’s new puppy, Bertha, hung out at the Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance car show in Beverly Hills, California.

Caitlyn Jenner Spotted Spending Father’s Day With Daughters Kylie and Kendall in Los Angeles

The former I Am Cait star, 67, won an award at the show for her classic Austin-Healey Sprite convertible, picking up a crystal trophy for Most Fashionable car, and shared a photo on Instagram of Bertha posing with the Batmobile from the 1960s TV series.  

While Kendall, 21, and Kylie, 19, enjoyed hanging out with their dad, their mom, Kris Jenner, was not quite as friendly towards her ex, snubbing the former Olympian in a Father’s Day pic she posted on Instagram on Sunday.

The momager — who has been vocal in her condemnation of Caitlyn’s claims about their relationship and decision to transition in her memoir, The Secrets of My Life — paid tribute to her late ex-husband, Robert Kardashian, as well as her son, Rob Kardashian, son-in-law, Kanye West, and daughter Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy, Scott Disick, in her post, but made no mention of her husband of 22 years.

“To all the fathers out there who love unconditionally, who put their children first above all, we love you!!” the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star wrote. “To my son, Rob, on your first Father's Day... I am so so proud of you!! I've watched you grow into the most loving, caring father to our precious angel, Dream. Your father would be so proud of you. I love you and I'm proud of you Kanye and Scott. You amaze me every single day and all of my grandchildren are so very blessed to have all of you as fathers. To all the amazing dads out there, Happy Father's Day!!!”

As IPRESSTV previously reported, Kris, 61, and her daughters, Kourtney, Kim and Khloé Kardashian were “upset” about the memoir, which was released in late April.Caitlyn Jenner Through the Years

“Everything she says is all made up,” Kris ranted on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. “Why does everything have to be that Kris is such a bitch and an a--hole?”

Caitlyn subsequently admitted that she hasn’t spoken to Khloé for a couple of years, and hadn’t talked to Kim “in a long time.”

That left Kendall and Kylie stuck in the middle of the family feud, but an insider told IPRESSTV last month that the pair were trying to remain neutral.

“Kylie and Kendall love their dad but understand why their larger family would feel the way they feel. They see both sides of it,” the source said. “They’re adults, they have their own homes, so they have their own separate relationships with Caitlyn. Kris wants her daughters to have a relationship with their father.”

Beyonce Gives Birth To Twins , Welcomes Twins With Husband Jay Z

The Carter clan is growing! Beyoncé and Jay Z welcomed twins earlier this week, multiple sources confirm to IPRESSTV.

Queen Bey, 35, announced in February that she and the rapper, 47, were expanding their family.

Beyonce Gives Birth To Twins , Welcomes Twins With Husband Jay Z

"We would like to share our love and happiness," Beyoncé captioned an Instagram photo of her bare bump at the time. "We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes." 

Jay Z and Beyonce at the 59th Grammy Awards at Staples Center in Los Angeles on February 12, 2017. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for NARAS

The "Hold Up" singer documented her pregnancy on social media and made several red carpet appearances while expecting. Although she had to pull out of her headlining Coachella appearance, she attended the Grammys, the Beauty and the Beast premiere and the inaugural Wearable Art Gala at the California African American Museum.

The couple's new twins join their daughter Blue Ivy, 5. "They have been trying for a long time and now to be blessed with twins they are so over the moon. It's even better than they wished for," a source exclusively told IPRESSTV earlier this year. "Blue is so excited to be a big sister!"

Beyoncé and Jay Z tied the knot in 2008 and recently celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary.

Showbiz 411 was the first to report the twins' birth.